Last Weekend of June: Unmissable Adventures in Astana and Almaty

ASTANA – Fed up with weekends that just involve lounging at home and ordering takeout? With beautiful summer weather in the forecast, The Astana Times has created an exciting array of events to turn your typical weekend into something truly special.

Photo credit: The Astana Times


Ballet “Touch The Light” on June 29

The highlight of the season at the Astana Ballet Theater is the ballet “Touch The Light.” This production stands out for its integration of calligraphy by renowned artist Krasus Lampas, who manually visualized the dance’s movements. His calligraphy is projected onto a screen, perfectly synchronized with the choreography and the music of composer Philip Glass.

Photo credit: Astana Ballet

“Touch the Light” merges music, fashion, street art, calligraphy and neoclassical dance. Six dancers perform at the peak of their abilities to tell an emotional and daring story about inner light, the soul and the journey to find oneself in this world.

Venue: Astana Ballet; 43, Uly Dala Avenue. Tickets are available here

SAZ LIVE ORCHESTRA. Game of Thrones & the Lord of the Rings  on June 29

The SAZ LIVE Orchestra, an energetic and talented youth ensemble, is ready to captivate you with its creativity. This time, it is hosting an atmospheric, large-scale, open-air concert that promises to be a night to remember. The program features the most beautiful soundtracks from the fantasy realms of “Game of Thrones” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, along with the epic music from “Gladiator.”

Photo credit: rg live

Prepare for a unique, vibrant, and unforgettable evening that will immerse you in the magical atmosphere of powerful music and the enchanting stories of the fantasy world. Don’t miss out on this spectacular event—it’s bound to be an extraordinary experience.

Venue: Triathlon Park Castle; 1/3 B, Bauyrzhan Momyshuly Avenue. Tickets are available here.

Qazaqstan Coffee Festival on June 29-30

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Qazaqstan Coffee Festival offers visitors a rich experience with a variety of activities. Enjoy an exhibition and fair showcasing diverse coffee products, witness an exciting professional championship between top coffee shops, and attend engaging lectures and master classes. The festival also features interactive quests, fun contests, and much more. Take part in a vibrant celebration of coffee culture.

Venue: QazExpoCongress; 53/1 , Mangilik El Avenue. Tickets are available here.


“The Charm of Seoul” Exhibition from 27 June to 20 Aug.

For the first time in Kazakhstan, the Museum of the History of the City of Seoul will be showcased. The Almaty Museum invites you to the grand opening of the “Charm of Seoul” exhibition, featuring the rich history and culture of South Korea’s capital.

Photo credit: alga.peterburg

This exhibition beautifully intertwines the art and lifestyle of Seoul, reflecting its traditional heritage. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore over 100 unique exhibits, including traditional clothing, household items, books and historical documents from the esteemed collection of the Seoul City History Museum. Take part in a captivating journey through Seoul’s fascinating history and culture.

Venue: Almaty museum; 132, Kabanbai Batyr Street. Tickets are available here.

Satisfaction Music Festival on June 29 

John Newman at the Satisfaction Fest. Photo Credits Daniil Glotov.

Experience a musical journey that truly satisfies you.  As part of the festival, you’ll enjoy a vibrant food zone, engaging activities and fun games. Featuring performances by John Newman, Willie William, Alex Gaudino, and David Vendetta, this event promises unforgettable entertainment. Don’t miss out on this unique blend of music, food, and fun!

Venue: Almaty Horse & Polo Club; Soldier’s Gorge, Ryskulov village. Tickets are available here.

Dom Fest on June 30 

Dom Fest embodies an atmosphere of warmth, acceptance, openness, good neighborliness, and celebration. The festival features music, fairs, carnivals, workshops, street theater, stylish clothing, performances, outdoor games, and delicious food—all designed for both children and adults.

Dom 36 creative cluster is a unique ecosystem fostering innovation at the intersection of various industries and genres. It is a place where citizens can relax and infuse creativity into their lives and activities. At the festival, join a vibrant community of designers, artists, musicians, actors, directors, creative artisans, eco-activists, and culinary magicians.

Venue: House on Baribayeva, 36. Entry is free.

A contemporary evening  on June 30 

The international project Contempo by Ballet Globe aims to advance modern dance in Kazakhstan and foster cultural exchange between countries. Contemporary dance, a popular art form in Europe and America, evolves from ballet by reinterpreting it with new forms, meanings, and expressions. While modern dance once competed with ballet, today, both art forms enrich each other. Modern dance now graces the world’s finest ballet stages, from Paris to Melbourne.

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This year’s festival program is exceptionally dynamic. Headlining the evening is Donnie Duncan, fresh from Madonna’s world tour. Joining him are stars from the Dutch Dance Theater and the Royal Ballet of Flanders. Additionally, Claudio Cangialosi and Misako Kato will premiere their new work, which was created especially for Contempo. Take part in an extraordinary evening celebrating the best of contemporary choreography.

Venue: Almaty Theatre; 30, Al-Farabi Avenue. Tickets are available here.

Journi’s concert on June 29

The EverJazz Jazz Club invites you to experience the captivating performances of the remarkable singer Journi from the United States. Journi’s enchanting voice resonates with the soulful sounds of soul, R&B, and jazz, captivating audiences with her innovative style. Her passion for music began in early childhood and spans various genres, including jazz, soul, blues, gospel, and pop. Currently based in Europe, she has graced prestigious venues worldwide, such as the Vienna Music Society, Lanxess Arena, and Berlin Philharmonic.

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Journi has also showcased her talent on national TV shows such as “Schlagerboom,” “100,000 Lichter,” “Schlager Champion,” and “Schlager Count Down,” alongside stars like Mariah Carey, Helen Fisher, and Umberto Tozzi. Now, Journi is set to make her debut in Kazakhstan, performing in multiple cities across the country for the first time. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness her unforgettable performances. 

Venue: EverJazz Club; 24, Zenkov Street.  Tickets are available here.

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