Kazakhstan Ranks 12th in Petrol Prices Globally

ASTANA – Kazakhstan ranks 12th in the world for the cheapest petrol prices, with a rate of $0.55 per liter, according to the recent Rhino Car Hire’s ranking of global petrol and diesel fuel prices.

Photo credit: EnergyProm

In Asia, Kazakhstan holds the second position, following Turkmenistan, which ranks first in Asia and eighth globally, with petrol priced at $0.43 per liter. The Kyrgyz Republic comes third in Asia, offering petrol at $0.78 per liter.

Iran tops the global ranking, with petrol prices of $0.03 per liter, thanks to significant government subsidies. Iran offers the cheapest petrol in the world, despite recent price hikes and rationing measures. Venezuela, with a price of $0.04 per liter, ranks second in the world, although it faces serious economic problems such as hyperinflation and resource management.

According to EnergyProm, Kazakhstan recorded a noticeable increase in fuel production in early 2024. In the first two months of this year, the country produced 899,800 tons of petrol, marking a 3.1% increase compared to the same period last year. Diesel production also rose by 5.8%, reaching 857,200 tons.

As of January, Kazakh refineries have nearly met the entire domestic demand, supplying 99.99% of petrol and 98.3% of diesel fuel.

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