Immerse Yourself in Vibrant Cultural Events Across Astana and Almaty

ASTANA — The first month of summer is drawing to a close, but the season of festivals and summer concerts is just getting started. After long workdays, take the time to enjoy the warm evenings, soak in the vibrant atmosphere of cultural hotspots, and have fun at lively concerts.

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Astana Events

Ballet “Notre Dame de Paris” on  June 22

In the ballet “Notre Dame de Paris,” the elegant beauty of classical dance contrasts sharply with modern, expressive movements. The focus of the story shifts from the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda to Quasimodo. The choreographer, who originally played Quasimodo, didn’t rely on disfiguring costumes or makeup; instead, he portrayed Quasimodo’s hunchback through his dance. The performance vividly depicts Quasimodo’s transformation from loyal servant to the villainous Claude Frollo, to a hero who tries to save Esmeralda and seeks justice for her death.

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Venue: Astana Opera; 1, Dinmukhamed Kunayev Street. Tickets are available here.

Lecture Fine Art of the USA on June 22 

Are you ready to dive into the captivating history of American art? Join Ruslan Salakhutdinov, an esteemed lecturer, certified psychologist, artist and art history teacher, as he takes you on a journey from the earliest American pioneers to the dynamic era of pop art.

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Explore the stunning scenery of the Hudson River Valley, experience the magic of snow-covered New York, and admire the impressive frescoes of the Library of Congress. Discover the influential works of artists like Thomas Cole, Edward Hopper and Jackson Pollock, and gain a deeper understanding of the latest trends in contemporary American painting.

Get ready for an exciting and enlightening adventure through the world of American art, one that will leave a lasting impression and deepen your appreciation for this vibrant cultural legacy.

Venue: Lecture hall Concept_art; 5, Kerey and  Zhanibek Khans Street. Tickets are available here.

Expo Melodies 2024 on June 22

As the hot summer days arrive, the Expo area comes alive with a season of dazzling concerts. Every weekend, your favorite artists will light up the stage. This week, don’t miss performances by Kairat Baekenov, Dastan Orazbekov and Kabdyray. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of nostalgia and excitement and enjoy a spectacular concert experience.

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Venue: Expo; 53/1, Mangilik El Avenue. Entry is free.

Almaty Events

Ne Prosto Korean Dramas on June 23 

NE PROSTO Orchestra presents an enchanting evening with the soundtrack concert of beloved Korean dramas. This new program features the most captivating compositions from your favorite series. Prepare to be swept away by the unforgettable melodies from “Goblin,” “Boys over Flowers,” “Descendants of the Sun,” “Heirs,” “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” “Full House,” “The Penthouse: War in Life,” “Business Proposal,” “All In,” and “Who are You: School 2015.”

As the NE PROSTO Orchestra, choir and soloists perform these iconic tunes, you’ll be transported into the magical world of Korean drama, reliving the most memorable moments in a symphony of romance and high-quality sound.

Venue: Palace of the Republic; 56, Dostyk Avenue. Tickets are available here.

“Big in Small” Exhibition from June 21 to Aug. 21

The exhibition “Big in Small” showcases the outcomes of a two-month art residency supported by the Tail Art Foundation. This residency explores the material world around us, revealing that the objects we encounter daily hold deeper meanings beyond their practical use and symbolism of consumption. Whether it’s poverty and plainness or wealth and glamor, these objects tell a story.

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The goal of the residency is to capture the essence of an era through still life, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. It seeks to evoke nostalgia for the past and document the present through the lens of these everyday items.

Venue: Oner Corner Gallery; 51, Shevchenko Street. Tickets are available here.

Almaty Crossroads: street food party at the Green Bazaar on June 23

For the first time, Almaty’s beloved Green Bazaar will come alive in the evening with a spectacular street food party featuring world-renowned chefs. Invited Michelin-starred chefs and ABR brand chefs will create culinary masterpieces for you to enjoy.

Amidst the vibrant stalls of vegetables, fruits, and spices, pop-up stations will offer unique street food creations. Guest chefs with Michelin stars from Italy, France, and the UK, along with ABR’s favorite restaurant chefs, will transform market produce and Magnum meats into delectable dishes.

Photo credit: Ruslan Pryanikov

This extraordinary gastronomic experience will be enhanced by live guitar performances and DJ sets, allowing us to see and appreciate our cherished gastronomic hub in a new light.

Featured Michelin-starred chefs include Anthony Genovese from Italy, Atsushi Tanaka from France, and Miller Prada from the United Kingdom.

Venue: Green Bazaar; 53, Zhibek Zholy Avenue. Tickets are available here.

“The Silk Road” exhibition from June 18 to July 14 

Sergey Denisov is a contemporary artist who follows in the footsteps of Ural artisans and the rich traditions of Zlatoust engraving. Utilizing centuries-old techniques, exceptional craftsmanship and a unique understanding of the zeitgeist, he creates unparalleled works of art. His exclusive technological innovations and bold artistic designs harmoniously combine decorated metal with natural stone, embossed glass and ornamental and precious stones, resulting in classical art with a modern twist and original design.

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Every journey Sergey embarks on inspires new masterpieces. With his profound ability to immerse himself in different cultures, keen observational skills, and talent for capturing intricate details, Denisov transforms what he sees into extraordinary pieces. His works reflect reality as seen through his artistic lens, offering a unique interpretation of the world.

Venue: Abilkhan Kasteev  Museum; 6A, Bekkhozhin Street. Tickets are available here.

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