Kazakhstan Celebrates Mercy Day with Nauryz Charity Endeavors

ASTANA – Kazakh citizens are celebrating Kaiyrymdylyk (the Day of Mercy) on March 15, as part of the Nauryz festivities nationwide. The day symbolizes values of generosity, compassion, and benevolence, fostering a spirit of empathy and goodwill among the people.

Photo credit: mixyfotos.com.

In 2024, the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Information introduced a new format of the Nauryz celebration the Nauryznama decade from March 14 to 23. Each day of this period represents a specific celebration that embodies the cherished values of the Kazakh people.

“This day [March 15] is dedicated to charity, compassion, and good neighborliness. It is essential to instill a culture of philanthropy in our society, to cultivate values of sympathy and mutual assistance,” said Sabit Barlybayev, the deputy chairman of the ministry’s cultural committee, during the Central Communications Service (CCS) press briefing on March 13.

The Qazaqstan Halqyna Fund, alongside its partners, opened early intervention centers for children with developmental disabilities in seven Kazakh cities. Photo credit: the foundation’s press service.

Humanness is the representation of the finest qualities within each individual. Kazakh great poet and philosopher Abai Kunanbayev called upon people to show mercy towards each other in his landmark philosophical treatise titled “Kara Soz” (the Book of Words).  

Is there anything more precious to a person than their heart? Mercy, kindness, and the ability to treat others as one’s own brother, desiring for them the blessings one would wish for oneself all these are the commands of the heart. Love is the desire of the heart,” Kunanbayev wrote in his 14th reasoning (word).

Astana Zhastary volunteers. Photo credit: gov.kz.

Established in January 2022 at the instruction of Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, the Qazaqstan Halqyna Fund has since initiated 67 charitable projects. In the past two years, the foundation has provided charitable assistance totaling 91 billion tenge ($202 million). Its activities focus on health care, social support, education, culture, and sports. 

The Qazaqstan Halqyna Fund is now implementing 12 charitable programs in the healthcare sector worth 103.3 billion tenge ($230 million). According to Bolat Zhamishev, the head of the foundation, 382 patients, including 296 children, suffering from rare, life-threatening, and chronic diseases, were provided with respective medication. In addition, 128 people have received bionic and modular prostheses valued at 1 billion tenge ($2.2 million).

Volunteers during a heavy snowfall in the Kazakh capital. Photo credit: gov.kz.

Given the limited stay of patients in rehabilitation centers, the foundation is launching a pilot project encompassing four regions. The initiative aims to make assistive technical devices available for home rehabilitation after discharge from medical centers for further support.

In the beginning of this month, the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan (APK), a state platform for the rapprochement of nations and cultures, granted apartment keys to three Kazakh families with young children. The Mercy Caravan annual national campaign held by APK since 2015 envisages a raft of charity events for the population in need. 

The charity action coincided with the Day of Gratitude, another holiday established to mark the pivotal role of mercy, compassion, and a readiness to assist others in times of adversity. These are the qualities inherent in Kazakh people for centuries. 

On the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence, the Kazakh capital commenced a marathon of good deeds. Since then, the project has transformed into a national idea, uniting people and organizations to help their compatriots. It particularly promoted spiritual values among the younger generation. 

This year, young volunteers continue to assist socially vulnerable groups. They carry out snow removal campaigns and provide food baskets for children and low-income families. Anyone interested in participating in the volunteer activities can join by sending a message to the Astana Zhastary Youth Resource Center

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