Kazakh PM Inspects Restoration of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum

ASTANA — Kazakh Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov underscored the importance of preserving the historical appearance of the Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum in Turkistan on March 14, according to the Prime Minister’s press service. He was visiting the region on a working trip.  

The Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum. Photo credit: Prime Minister’s press service. Click to see the map in full size. The map is designed by The Astana Times.

Bektenov visited the mausoleum to inspect the progress made in fulfilling the President’s instructions to ensure the preservation of a unique architectural monument, which was inscribed on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage List in 2003.

Photo credit: Prime Minister’s press service

The Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi is part of Turkistan’s architectural and historical complex, which more than 1 million people visit annually. Measures to maintain its structural integrity are required to mitigate the impact of humidity factors.

Reconstruction works have been underway since August last year. Devices for measuring the impact of the external environment and climatic influences have been installed in the mausoleum.

Scientific restoration work continues. Bektenov outlined the importance of the ongoing work to preserve the cultural monument.

“The Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi is a precious heritage of the Kazakh people and of all humanity. The President instructed us to preserve its historical appearance. This is our common task. The condition of the mausoleum must be kept under special control,” said Bektenov, assuring all the support in ensuring adequate work.

The Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum is a 39-meter-tall Islamic architectural marvel featuring one of Central Asia’s largest brick domes. The mausoleum was constructed between 1385 and 1405 at the time of Timur (Tamerlane).

Today, the mausoleum serves as a significant repository of Kazakhstan’s history, safeguarding over 24,000 medieval exhibits from Timur’s era, including bronze candlesticks, gates, and large bowls.

The mausoleum has become the final resting place for numerous Kazakh khans and statesmen, including Abylai Khan, Abulkhair Khan, Rabiga Sultan-Begim, Zholbarys Khan, Yesim Khan, Ondan Sultan, and Kazybek Bi.

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