EuronewsTravel’s Take on Kazakh Culinary Renaissance

ASTANA — According to a recent article by EuronewsTravel, Kazakhstan’s culinary landscape is undergoing a remarkable transformation, drawing attention to its diverse gastronomic heritage. With a flourishing  foodie scene and the emergence of what locals term ‘Neo Nomad cuisine,’ the country is poised to become the next big destination for culinary enthusiasts


A Melting Pot of Cultures

Nestled between Russia, China, and Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan boasts a rich tapestry of cultural influences, reflected not only in its traditions but also in its cuisine. From the nomadic heritage of its people to the enduring legacies of Islamic and Soviet eras, Kazakhstan’s culinary identity is as varied as its geography.

The photo was taken in 1950 in the Zhambyl region. A woman is preparing thin bread. Photo credit: / Dudin Samuel Martynovich

While Kazakhstan’s modern skyline, epitomized by the futuristic cityscape of Astana, symbolizes its economic prowess, the country remains deeply rooted in its nomadic past. Traditional Kazakh hospitality, characterized by warmth and generosity, is mirrored in the evolving culinary scene.

Historically shaped by the harsh realities of nomadic life, Kazakh cuisine is experiencing a renaissance. While staples like meat, dough, and onions have long dominated Kazakh tables, a new wave of chefs is infusing these traditional dishes with contemporary flair.

The Rise of Neo Nomad Cuisine

At the forefront of this culinary revival is ‘Neo Nomad cuisine,’ a movement celebrating Kazakh culinary heritage while embracing modern techniques and flavors. Drawing inspiration from local ingredients and traditions, chefs reimagine classic dishes with innovative twists and creative presentations.

Restaurant Qazaq Qourmet. Photo credit:

Kazakhstan’s culinary renaissance is not going unnoticed on the global stage. With its diverse food scene, Almaty recently earned a spot on The New York Times’ coveted ’52 Places to Go in 2024’ list. Restaurants like Qazaq Gourmet in Astana are also gaining international acclaim, further solidifying Kazakhstan’s position as a culinary hotspot. Beloved Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergen has recently ventured into the culinary realm by opening a restaurant. The Daididau restaurant offers an exquisite dining experience paired with a niche musical exhibition.

Daididau Restaurant. Photo credit: Instagram page of the Daididau restaurant

Must-Try Dishes According to EuronewsTravel

For those eager to explore Kazakhstan’s gastronomic delights, here are five must-try dishes that encapsulate the country’s culinary heritage:

Beshbarmak: A hearty dish featuring tender meat atop a bed of wide noodles. It symbolizes the nomadic spirit and resilience of the Kazakh people.

Plov: Reflecting Kazakhstan’s multicultural heritage, this fragrant rice dish is cooked with tender meat and aromatic spices, symbolizing abundance and communal dining.

Manty: Oversized dumplings filled with minced meat and spices, offering a taste of Kazakhstan’s street food culture and comfort cuisine.

Shashlik: Grilled meat skewers infused with bold flavors, perfect for outdoor gatherings and summer barbecues.

Baursak: Golden-brown balls of fried dough, providing a delightful blend of sweetness and savouriness, ideal for pairing with tea or as a side dish.

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