Black Biotechnology Offers Eco-Friendly Solutions for High-Quality Livestock Products in Kazakhstan

ASTANA – The production of high-quality livestock products is directly linked to animal health, significantly influenced by environmental conditions. The use of environmentally friendly feed additives and fertilizers can promote sustainable agriculture practices in Kazakhstan, benefiting both animal and plant health.

Black Biotechnology’s products line. Photo credit: Kumisbekova’s personal archieve

In an interview with Astana Times, Aizhan Kumisbekova, the operating director of Black Biotechnology, a company producing environmentally friendly feed additives, shared insights into the company’s mission, key features, and plans. 

Black Biotechnology, a bio corporation comprising biologists, organic chemists, and specialists in veterinary medicine and botany, aims to develop organic agriculture.

Aizhan Kumisbekova, the operating director of Black Biotechnology. Photo credit: Kumisbekova’s personal archieve.

“In 2020, I was invited by Black Biotechnology founder Asem Kenzhebek to head the marketing department,” Kumisbekova said. “This offer was not just a change of employer but a real challenge, transitioning to a new market and building a brand from scratch. However, I recognized unique opportunities for professional and personal growth. I accepted the offer and took responsibility for the strategic management and development of the AL KARAL brand”.

In 2021, the company launched unique natural feed additives for animals and birds under the AL KARAL brand, based on humic substances, in the Kazakhstan market. Last year, AL KARAL Herb entered the crop production market, expanding its product line with organ mineral fertilizer for plants.

“Our team is firmly committed to improving the nation’s health through the consumption of environmentally friendly products,” Kumisbekova said. 

She emphasized that the world has shifted away from intensive chemical use in agriculture, including antibiotics, pesticides, and hormones. Black Biotechnology’s products represent an innovative approach, supporting the trend in organic agriculture.

“The organic and biotechnologies we offer are crucial for creating a sustainable future for agriculture. They ensure care for nature and high-quality standards. Organic agriculture is becoming integral to the future, prioritizing product safety and environmental care,” said Kumisbekova.

She highlighted that the transition to organic feed additives and fertilizers is not just an innovation but also a response to modern challenges in creating sustainable agriculture. Among the problems, Black Biotechnology faces are the need for farmer education and enlightenment.

“One of the main challenges is the lack of understanding and awareness of the need for this transition,” said Kumisbekova. “Therefore, we actively interact with farms, educating them about the benefits of organic solutions and the consequences of chemical use”.

Black Biotechnology plans to open a factory for livestock farming additives this summer, fulfilling a long-standing dream. Kumisbekova mentioned that the company underwent ESG verification last year, issuing green ESG bonds on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange worth two billion tenge ($4.4 million), reinforcing their commitment to sustainability.

Kumisbekova also highlighted the company’s aim for global recognition and becoming a biotechnology hub for young scientists from Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

“We have unique resources and opportunities, providing the perfect creative space for those who aspire to contribute to science and biotechnology,” she said. “Our vision includes not only commercial success but also social responsibility. We strive to create a society where innovation and science play a key role in improving life and the environment”.

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