Kazakhstan Issues Guidelines for Transition to Single Time Zone

ASTANA – Kazakhstan will switch to a single time zone (UTC+5) from 12 a.m. on March 1 following a government decree on time calculation procedures.

Photo credit: nn-airport.kz

From the night of Feb. 29 to March 1, the cities of Astana, Almaty, and Shymkent, as well as the Abai, Akmola, Almaty, Zhambyl, Zhetisu, Karagandy, Kostanai, Pavlodar, North Kazakhstan, Turkistan, Ulytau and East Kazakhstan regions will turn back the local time by one hour.

The initiative to implement a single time zone in Kazakhstan proceeded from recommendations put forth by Kazakh scientists and experts comprising a working group on time calculation issues.

Established in April 2023 in response to citizen requests for a more favorable time zone, the group consisted of representatives from scientific institutes, medical universities, governmental bodies, and the Parliament, among other institutions. 

During the year, working group members representing various fields, such as medicine, physiology, geography and metrology, studied establishing a more suitable time zone in Kazakhstan.

They agreed that the transition to a single time zone UTC+5 is the most appropriate and optimal choice, in which most regions of Kazakhstan will use the time closest to natural time.

According to scientists, 175 countries use a single time zone. Only 22 states use two or more time zones.

Adapting to time zone change

Kazinform agency published some recommendations for adaptation to time changes. 

In the first days, it is better to get more sleep, extending sleep duration by an hour if possible. It is also important to maintain a balanced diet, avoiding fatty, spicy, street food and sweets while adding vitamin-rich foods.

Engage in physical activity and outdoor walks to mitigate stress, particularly for children and the elderly, thereby reducing professional and household pressures.

Provide additional attention and tolerance towards children’s needs. Elderly people are advised to take light evening walks, avoid strenuous activity, and monitor blood pressure.

People with chronic illnesses should adhere to medication schedules.

Travel issues

The Ministry of Transport, railway administrations and Kazakhstan Temir Zholy national railway company have adjusted passenger train schedules. All changes to the operation of passenger trains are available on official websites and online platforms.

Airlines such as Air Astana, SCAT, and Qazaq Air have updated their ticket sale systems and provided notifications to passengers via official channels.

Adjusting gadgets and devices

The Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry offered universal instructions for updating devices and transitioning to the new time zone. Automatic updates and time detection settings enabled through an internet connection will automatically adjust the time. Otherwise, manual adjustment is required.

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