Embracing Chill with Weekend Full of Events in Astana

ASTANA — As the chill sets in over the Kazakh capital, the city comes alive with a diverse array of events to warm the hearts of its residents. The Astana Times has curated a diverse list of events to delight locals and visitors. Take a look at the selection below and choose the events that will make this winter weekend special for you.

Astana Opera. Photo credit: Pixabay/Boztay Akimkhan.

Holod Fest on Jan. 20 

Kicking off the weekend is the Holod Fest, an event that embraces the winter chill and turns it into an opportunity for fun and celebration. On the stage, talented live bands will perform their music, filling the evening with the atmosphere of rock, punk and various musical styles. 

Photo credit: Peakpx.

The festival is open to all nonconformists of Astana, providing them with a space for self-expression. Additionally, every visitor aged 14 and above has the chance not only to enjoy the best musical hits but also to win a tattoo certificate worth $44.19. 

Address: Chili Grill; 2T, Zheltoksan Street. Tickets are available on sxodim.com.

Photo credit: Official poster.

Basketball match: VTB Astana vs. MBA on Jan. 20 

The first stage of the regular championship of the VTB United League is nearing its end. This weekend the MBA basketball club will come to Astana. VTB Astana and Russia’s MBA are direct rivals in the tournament standings. Whether you’re a basketball fan or just looking for an exciting evening out, the match at Saryarka Cycle Track is a must-attend event to witness the city’s sporting spirit in action.

Venue: Saryarka Cycle Track; 45A, Kabanbay Batyr Ave. Tickets are available here. 

The Mad Genius of Romanticism concert on Jan. 20

The performance features two well-known pieces: the renowned Cello Concerto and Symphony No. 3, also known as “Rhenish.” Tchaikovsky’s description of the fourth part, associated with his impression of the Cologne Cathedral, emphasizes its profound artistic impact. Regarding Schumann’s Cello Concerto, the soloist, Ermek Kurmanayev, possesses the requisite high skill, expressive musicality and heartfelt warmth needed for the performance. Join us at the Astana Ballet Theatre for an evening filled with the enchanting melodies and virtuosity of this talented soloist.

Photo credit: Astana Ballet.

Venue: Astana Ballet; 43, Uly Dala Ave. Tickets are available on astanaballet.com. 

“The Snow Queen” musical on Jan. 21

Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, “The Snow Queen,” enchants audiences with its compelling narrative, exploring themes of kindness, love, justice and the complexities of life choices. Adults can see the world through the innocent eyes of children by immersing themselves in the enchanting realm of childhood. Kay and Gerda’s timeless story has a deep impact on young hearts, inspiring bravery and genuineness. 

Photo credit: Elena Ringo.

Address: Musical Theater of Young Spectators; 47B, Omarov Street. Tickets are available here.

Bauhaus: Everything a Designer Needs to Know lecture on Jan. 20 

The speaker for the event will be Igor Serikov, a practicing brand designer from the Humbleteam studio. You will discover the influence of Bauhaus on contemporary design, the similarity between Ikea and Bauhaus ideas and the connections between Apple and Braun. Attendees will also explore the impact of renowned Bauhaus educators such as Walter Gropius, Wassily Kandinsky, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Johannes Itten on the development of a unique educational system.

Photo credit: Jacek Kadaj/Alamy.

The session will conclude with a discussion of ideas that can be applied from Bauhaus to daily work. The participation fee of $6.6 includes a coffee break.

Address: 5, Kerey Zhanibek and Zhanibek Khans Street. Tickets are available here. 

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