President Tokayev’s Republic Day Speech Unveils Nation’s Vision, Says State Counselor Karin

ASTANA — State Counselor Erlan Karin shared insights into the most significant ideological highlights from President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s speech on the eve of Republic Day, shedding light on the core values and principles guiding the country on his Telegram channel on Oct. 24.

State Counselor Erlan Karin. Photo credit: Akorda.

According to Karin, Tokayev’s speech underlined critical national ideals and the government’s commitment to various areas, reflecting an unwavering dedication to the country’s progress and stability.

Independence as the Pinnacle National Value

In the address, the President emphasized that the primary national value is independence, and protecting and preserving this cherished heritage is paramount. To this end, a balanced and peace-loving foreign policy remains central to the nation’s strategy, aiming to safeguard peace and harmony within and beyond the country’s borders.

Zero Tolerance for Radicalism, Extremism, and Legal Nihilism

Tokayev’s speech articulated the imperative of zero tolerance towards any manifestations of radicalism, extremism, legal nihilism, and everyday vandalism within the society. Maintaining social stability and unity is the foundational requirement for upholding sovereignty and statehood.

Irreversible Reforms

Tokayev highlighted that the reforms undertaken in recent years are irreversible and have significantly transformed the political mindset of the populace. These reforms have brought about a significant shift in governance, making it improbable to revert to previous methods.

The Role of Youth in Shaping the Future

Addressing the importance of the youth, the President pointed out that young people play a pivotal role in determining the nation’s future. The younger generation’s creative energy and innovative contributions are vital in advancing the country. Tokayev also made a special appeal to young people during the speech, recognizing their significance in the nation’s development.

Honoring Honest and Responsible Work

The country’s creative agenda is firmly anchored in honest and responsible labor. Tokayev emphasized that individuals who engage in productive work should be held in high esteem within society. In a demonstration of this commitment, this year saw 298 teachers and doctors, 259 rural workers, 119 labor veterans, and 88 production workers receiving state awards as a testament to their dedicated contributions.

According to the State Counselor Karin, the values outlined by President Tokayev underscore the nation’s commitment to safeguarding its independence, maintaining social stability, empowering the youth, and honoring those who contribute to the country’s progress through honest and responsible work. These principles will undoubtedly shape the future trajectory of the nation.

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