Besbarmak Named Most Popular National Dish Among Foreigners

ASTANA – Besbarmak, a traditional Kazakh dish of boiled meat served with pastry noodles and potatoes, has been named the most popular national dish among foreign visitors, according to surveys conducted by domestic tour operators, reported the Kazakh Ministry of Tourism and Sports on Sept. 7.

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Besbarmak can be made with various types of meat, including horse, beef, or lamb. In western Kazakhstan, a variation known as fishbarmak is also popular.

Baursak, a puffy fried bread, is the second most popular national dish among foreigners. Each region of the country has its unique recipe for this flour-based product. The smaller version known as shi bauyrsaks, popular in Eastern Kazakhstan, is often taken by tourists as a souvenir.

Kazy, a cold cut made from horse meat, holds the third position in popularity.

Traditional Kazakh dairy-based sweets, such as zhent and kyzyl irimshik, also enjoy considerable favor among foreign guests. Many local entrepreneurs offer these desserts in attractive, small gift sets for tourists to purchase as souvenirs.

Kyzyl irimshik, a sweet form of cottage cheese, is jokingly called “Kazakh Raffaello.”

“Kazakh chocolate is immensely popular, both as a consumer product and as a souvenir. It is particularly well-loved by tourists from the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States,” said Moldir Abdualiyeva, the official representative of the Kazakh Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

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