Kazakh People Change Their Eating Habits

ASTANA – JD Expert marketing agency conducted a survey about the eating habits and preferences of Kazakhs across the country, offering information on factors that changed their food choices.

Photo credit: inbusiness.kz.

Traditional nutrition or snacks

According to the results published in June, 41% of respondents have shifted from three meals per day, preferring to snack in small portions throughout the day.

However, 59% continue with three meals a day, with 78% replacing at least one full meal with a snack.

Despite the rise in snacking, Kazakh citizens still value traditional family meals as an important part of culture. They do not directly correlate food with their income level. Approximately 71% of respondents expressed confidence that they have good or excellent eating habits.

Snack choices

Traditional pastries and national products are the most popular snack choices. Fruits and berries are also popular. A cup of tea or coffee is versatile, and chocolate is a favored choice for 27% of respondents. Over half of the respondents eat it at least once a week.

Around 51% of the respondents try to eat snacks made from natural ingredients without dyes and preservatives.

Factors that influences food choices

The trend towards snacking was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced isolation, resulting in changed eating habits for a part of the population.

People increasingly emphasize the importance of emotional satisfaction from food. Some 64% of respondents noted that they snack to enhance their mood.

When buying snacks, many people prioritize taste, speed, and ability to eat right away.

Snacking market

In recent years, this market has shown stable growth. In the first three months of 2023, the chocolate market grew by over 29% in monetary terms, while the packaged bakery market increased by 38%.

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