Kazakhstan Updates Social Code to Improve Citizens Welfare

ASTANA – Kazakhstan is launching new norms of the Social Code on July 1, which will be a proactive instrument of social support to its citizens, reported the Prime Minister’s press service.

Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov chaired a June 27 government meeting considering the implementation of the new Social Code’s norms. Photo credit: primeminister.kz.

At a June 27 government meeting chaired by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population Tamara Duissenova explained that it will regulate social support in the country, with some rules in effect since the beginning of the year.

The Social Code addresses a wide range of issues related to social support, including from birth to adulthood, employment, labor safety, social insurance, assistance during challenging life situations, and support for senior citizens.

The government introduced additional measures to strengthen social protection for motherhood and childhood, such as extending the payment period for childcare to 1.5 years. Over 450,000 families have received this assistance. 

From July 1, the allowance given to mothers with many children will also increase, covering nearly 90,000 women.

The code also assists individuals with disabilities. Specifically, the benefit rates paid to people with disabilities, their guardians, and families who have lost their breadwinners will increase by 14.5%. With an 8.5% increase in benefits at the beginning of the year, overall payments will increase by 23%.

According to Smailov, the measures proposed in the code will reset the social protection system in line with international standards.

“The Social Code retains the basic norms of ten laws that have lost their force and introduce several new provisions, aiming to enhance the population’s quality of life,” said Smailov.

He emphasized that the code envisions a phased increase in pensions. The size of the basic pension will increase on average by 51% by 2027. This will impact over two million pensioners. These measures will lead to an average increase of 27% in the total pension, solidarity and basic, by 2025.

The Prime Minister also said citizens could transfer 50% of their pension assets to trust management while the remaining savings remain in the Unified Accumulative Pension Fund to ensure future pensions.

“State social benefits will increase by another 14.5% from July 1, reaching 23%. Proof of disability will be established proactively without mandatory visits to medical institutions and the need to obtain confirmation. Independent experts, including experienced doctors, will provide the conclusion,” said Smailov.

According to the new code, labor mobility centers are being launched nationwide.

“There will be a single database of jobs in the regions, which will facilitate job search for individuals,” said the Prime Minister.

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