Astana Ballet Theater to Premiere Two Ballet Productions in April

ASTANA – The Astana Ballet theater will premiere two ballet productions in April with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, reported the theater’s press service. 

Photo credit: Astana Ballet.

The audience can expect a harmonious fusion of outstanding performance technique and acting talents of artists, innovative musical solutions for ballets, and elements considered to the tiniest detail. Scenography and lighting design await.

“Two distinct choreographers give two different performances, yet combined, they represent the overall picture of a new generation of the modern choreographic school. The viewer will be able to appreciate the author’s choreography, which will be enriched with the colorful individual language of young dancers, through which the creators will convey their ideas about a person, interaction with one another, and contact with the world,” said the theater’s artistic director Nurlan Kanetov.

Photo credit: Astana Ballet.

A neoclassical ballet “Soli Deo Gloria,” staged by Ainur Abilgazina to music by Gustav Mahler, will premiere on April 15. 

The ballet, according to Abilgazina, will address the lead character’s thoughts and feelings, as she reminisces about her life, reliving all the emotions associated with such a multifaceted feeling as love.

“I think spirits reunite with loved ones they were once separated from. Everything turned out to be interconnected: music and choreography will melt together and reveal a whole range of sensations experienced by people at different stages of life,” Abilgazina said.

Photo credit: Astana Ballet.

The ballet “Nine” will premiere on April 16, staged by Olzhas Makhanbetaliyev to music by Lisa Gerrard. It will encompass several dance directions. 

Makhanbetaliyev discovers new aspects of the theme of life and the universe based on the solar system, consisting of nine planets. Numbers surround us, and each number personifies a unique cycle, with nine being the most mystical.

“As one song goes, ‘life is a moment, and a moment is a vivid emotional occasion on the path of life, leaving an imprint in our memory or consciousness.’ What is light if there is no darkness? What is good if there is no bad? Finally, we gather the brightest moments of our lives and share our emotions, so that we may relive them instantly after the journey,” Makhanbetaliyev said.

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