President Tokayev Calls to Strengthen Principles of Democracy at Senate Meeting

ASTANA – President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev called for unity and strengthening the principles of democracy for effective governance in his address to the Senate, the upper chamber of the Kazakh Parliament, on Jan. 26. 

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev performing with the speech. Photo credit: Akorda

Tokayev noted the inviolability of the principle “different opinions, but one nation.”

“Democracy is responsibility for one’s words and actions. We all live in the same society, in the same house. Therefore, every citizen, public figure, and all political forces should be aware of their direct responsibility for the country’s future,” he said. 

In 2022, Kazakhstan launched its constitutional reforms. The most important amendments were made to the Basic Law. Presidential elections were held in November.

The major points of Tokayev’s address to the Senate members 

Our country has entered a new stage of development. Almost half of the deputy corps has been renewed, with representatives from all regions. A special quota was allocated for the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan. The Senate plays a crucial role in the public administration system. According to the Constitution, the Senate has essential functions to perform. All conditions have been created for the implementation of legislative activity.

Senate members during Jan. 26 meeting. Photo credit: Akorda

A strong President, an influential Parliament, and an accountable government principle has been established in Kazakhstan. The ongoing reforms seek to create a balanced system of governmental institutions, expand opportunities for citizens to participate in the political process, and improve the efficiency of the public administration.

The large-scale modernization work has brought significant results due to broad public support. 

Upcoming elections to the Mazhilis and the Maslikhats

The transition to a mixed electoral model is crucial in protecting all social groups’ interests. The recently launched election campaign for the Mazhilis and the Maslikhats will be the final stage of resetting key state institutions. This innovation will influence the entire vertical of the representative branch of government.

Elections to the Mazhilis and the Maslikhats, which will be held according to new fair rules, will open a new milestone in the parliamentary history of Kazakhstan.

Formation of the multiparty system

The parties play a decisive role in shaping the political system. The country needs parties that have a high degree of responsibility and can defend the people’s interests. Strengthening statehood and preserving the country’s unity should be an absolute priority in their work.

Political parties have to become the main pillar of civil society. They should focus on systematic work to fulfill the requests of citizens. They should strictly follow the law while implementing their programs. It is vital to form a new generation of politicians and make them recognizable in the country.

A test for society’s political maturity

My principled position is that criticism of the authorities is an integral part of civil society, and Kazakhstan is no exception. The measures we have taken to transform and modernize society align with people’s aspirations, and reforms will continue.

The country’s principle of “different opinions, but one nation” is unshakable. At the same time, criticism of the authorities should not be indiscriminate. It should be constructive.There is no room for any manifestations of political radicalism and extremism in the country. 

The importance of preserving and strengthening independence

I appeal to all my compatriots: peace and prosperity in our sacred land depend only on ourselves, on our unity and solidarity amid unprecedentedly difficult geopolitical situation in the world. Once again, I remind you of the exceptional importance of preserving and strengthening Independence. This is the most valuable thing our people have.

We must firmly follow the course of constructive reforms and do everything possible to strengthen statehood and consolidate society. The key to this is creating a high culture of political responsibility and active, true patriotism among our citizens. Each of us should follow the principle of mutual solidarity. This is the only way we can build a Just and Fair Kazakhstan – a country of equal opportunities and progress.

Harmony and stability as the highest values

We have seen that if we lose stability, we can lose all our achievements in a matter of moments. It is unity that allows us to overcome all difficulties. Therefore, our common sacred duty is to value and defend our solidarity.

We need solidarity, care for each other, and kindness. Maintaining social harmony is the duty of state bodies and every citizen of the country. In whatever area we work, we must work in the people’s interests.

Our common task is to pass on to the next generation a Kazakhstan that is an influential state with a prosperous economy, a strong spirit, and indestructible unity. I believe we will honorably fulfill this historic duty.

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