Central Asian Changemakers Showcase Startup Ideas and Tech Solutions at EdTech Asia Summit in Singapore

ASTANA – A team of 13 education professionals from Central Asia took part for the first time in EdTech Asia’s sixth annual summit in Singapore in late October. The delegation included the founders of education companies in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, heads of preschool education centers, representatives of Nazarbayev University, and academics and leaders of social projects in Kazakhstan.

A team of 13 education professionals from Central Asia took part for the first time in EdTech Asia’s sixth annual summit in Singapore on Oct. 27-28.

Asia’s largest conference unites investors, impact leaders, corporate executives, sector experts, and thought leaders to discuss the future of education innovation and work ecosystems. 

It should be noted that the delegation from Central Asia came at the invitation of the founder of Edtech Asia Summit Mike Michalec, to represent the Central Asian region on the Asian continent. “The goal was to share with the global community how Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and CA, in general, should be engaged in greater Asian EdTech,” commented Michalec.  

Edtech entrepreneur and initiator of the delegation Aigerim Khafizova said that education and technology are the two most potent connecting forces in the world.

“The world has changed, we are living in times when we need connectivity in everything, and it is important to incorporate new regions into global discourse. We care, and we have the energy to bring change. It was a pleasure to speak, showcase our solutions at the exhibition, participate in discussions with global leaders, and connect with exceptional individuals. We are only 13 people, but we represent the voice of many from Central Asia. Hope that next year we will have an even bigger representation,” said Khafizova. 

The delegation from Central Asia

Khafizova promoted Edgravity, an online educational platform. Online programs have been created in collaboration with teacher-partners. More than 12,000 students from 80 countries took part in Edgravity courses. Topics include the upbringing and healthcare of the child to business courses.

Founder and CEO of Codify from Kyrgyzstan Dinara Ruslan also participated in the exhibition. Codify is an international group of IT companies with a combined valuation of more than $6 million. The company has an office in Singapore and Digital projects in the field of IT education in Central Asia.

Diana Kamaladin, the co-founder and CEO of Qamalladin University, and Abylaikhan Kamaladin, the founder of Qamalladin Media, presented the opportunities for university education for junior professionals in the field of marketing. The online university boasts of having an innovative platform for the effective implementation of educational processes. Nearly 8,000 students graduated from the university. 

Akbota Mussa, the co-founder and CEO of Bilimber, represented Central Asia at Startup Showcase at the summit. Bilimber is a platform to prepare for exams and instantly (in 60 seconds) connect students to the best tutors via video call in real-time. The app has 60,000 active users per month. The company wants to enter the countries of Central and Southeast Asia. 

Admet Akhter showcased his companies Akhter Studios and Classlytics. The team from Almaty has its own Classlytics LMS system to create educational content. 

The list of participants also included Anara Badyrlenova, the representative of Nazarbayev University, Chair of the National Alumni Network, Assel Stambekova, a Doctoral candidate (Hungary’s Eötvös Loránd University), Aizhan Arshabayeva, the project lead of EdTech projects Myn bala and Birge Oqy, Aigul Kuatova, the department head and coordinator of the Smart Ustaz project, Gulsanat Mambetaliyeva, the coordinator of Medal Elbasy, Age of Independence game from the Corporate Fund Elbasy Academy, Zhansulu Abisheva, the founder and director of Sparks Preschool and Zhanerke Shaimerden, the coordinator of the Qabilet service which is used for diagnosing the abilities of and providing vocational guidance for schoolchildren.

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