German Investors Set to Begin Green Hydrogen Energy Operation in Mangistau Region

NUR-SULTAN – Svevind Energy, a German investor and project developer, plans to install wind and solar farms with a total capacity of 45 gigawatts (GW) in steppe areas in western and central Kazakhstan to feed electrolyzers to produce up to three million tons of green hydrogen every year, reports the company’s press service. 

Visualization of large-scale wind farms and solar PV farms in Kazakhstan. Photo credit: Svevind Energy. Click to see the map in full size.

The plans were discussed during the visit of Svevind’s management and technical team in Aktau on July 2-3. The team met with senior officials and the Kazakh Invest national company tasked with promoting foreign investments in the country. 

The company plans to develop mega-sized facilities to produce green hydrogen by utilizing the vast resources of wind and solar power in the region including installing wind and solar farms of 30 gigawatts (GW). 

The green hydrogen can either be exported directly to the Eurasian markets or used locally to produce high-value green products, such as ammonia, steel, or aluminum. 

“The Mangistau region is perfectly suited to realizing mega-sized projects given its extraordinary natural resources, available land areas, and existing infrastructure. The Mangystau region has a long history of delivering energy and minerals to global markets as it is rich in oil and natural gas as well as deposits of minerals,” said the company in a statement. 

In 2020, the region had 12 projects worth $266.8 million with the participation of domestic and foreign investors in construction, renewable energy, light industry, energy, and poultry farming, among others. 

Alternative energy sources will steadily replace traditional energy production methods in the future and hydrogen production meets the country’s strategic goals, said Mangistau Region Akim (governor) Serikbai Trumov during the meeting with the company.  

“Svevind aims to combine the outstanding natural resources in the Mangystau region of Kazakhstan with Svevind’s long-time experience and passion in project development to supply Kazakhstan and Eurasia with green, sustainable energy and products, ‘powered by nature.’ The green hydrogen facilities will raise Kazakhstan to the ranks of the global leaders in renewable energy and green hydrogen,” said Svevind CEO Wolfgang Kropp.

Svevind, a privately owned group of companies in the renewable energy industry, based in Germany, Sweden, and Almaty, has been developing and operating onshore wind power and solar as well as green hydrogen projects since 1998. 

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