“Re: Oblomov”: Regional theatres to stage experimental play

ASTANA – An independent drama group from Almaty and a regional state theatre from Temirtau will present Sep. 14-15 in Almaty “Re: Oblomov,” a play based on Ivan Goncharov’s classic novel.

Photo credit: inform.kz.

The real world is the place where the creative group took their inspiration for “Re: Oblomov.” The plot of the play bravely intertwines the original story of Ilya Oblomov as written in Goncharov’s novel with monologues from main characters. The actors breathe life into a text written in 1859, sharing their real-life stories and raising universal topics that span time and geography, such as love, friendship, hate and fear that have changed their lives.

“This performance glows with vivid energy, and the actors rise to a level that even their colleagues in large theatres and big cities cannot always achieve,” said Director of the play Antoine Doukravets.

Apart from the creative work with the original text, dramatist Olga Malysheva added elements from documentary theatre, creating a unique performance that is atypical to Young Spectator’s Theatre (TYuZ). At the same time, the play preserves the spirit of Goncharov’s work with occasional references of contemporary novel literary criticism.

“Almaty citizens do not know much about what is happening at theatres in the regions, and it seems that there is no life there. We checked: there is life there! There is a readiness for adventures, openness to any theatrical experiments and an endless desire to create something new,” said Malysheva.

Photo credit: inform.kz.

The play had premiered June 30 at the TYuZ of Temirtau. The first audience to witness the performance and the regional press called it a bold experiment for the Young Spectator’s Theatre.

“It’s amazing how little it takes to make a brilliant act of art: you need to take actors, believe in them, love them and let them be themselves. The principle of ‘love through art’ gives a very sincere product,” said Doukravets.

“Re: Oblomov” is the first repertoire performance on the chamber stage of the Young Spectator’s Theatre.

“It is an honest story about all of us, wherever we live and whatever theatre we prefer,” added Malysheva.

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