Astana’s popular cafés and restaurants with delivery service

ASTANA – Many of Astana’s restaurants and cafés now offer home delivery. Here is a sampling of the restaurants that let you eat out while eating in.

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Given the number of nationalities residing in Astana, Damdes does not focus on a particular cuisine but seeks to provide “local taste” of the food because local residents equally like borsht, plov, manty and shashlyk.

The café offers several types of plov, manty, lagman, salads, samsa, shashlik and Kazakh traditional beshparmak and kuyrdak. The full menu is available at The prices are reasonable and the portions are large.

Type of food: Russian, European, Central Asian

Address: 4 Dostyk Street

Delivery hours: from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Average check: 1,800 tenge (US$5.6)

Terms of delivery: the minimum order of 3,000 tenge (US$9.4).

Delivery cost:

  • 500 tenge (US$1.6) for the order of 3,000 – 4,999 tenge (US$9.4-15.6)
  • 200 tenge (US$0.6) for orders of 5,000 – 6,499 tenge (US$15.6-20.3)
  • free for orders exceeding 6,500 tenge (US$20.3).

Contact number: 8 (7172) 64-34-44, 8 (747) 894-80-11, 8 (776) 264-34-43




The Mamashvilli Georgian restaurant offers traditional cuisine, including delicious khachapuri and khinkali cooked using authentic recipes.

The menu can be found on the restaurant’s Instagram page.

Type of food: Georgian

Average check: 5,000 tenge (US$15.6)

Address: 65 Kenessary Street

Hours:  from noon till midnight

Terms of delivery: delivery cost starts from 500 tenge (US$1.6), depending on the delivery address. Average time is 40 minutes

Contact number: 8 (708) 425 6350, 8 (7172) 25-63-50


Rafe Coffee & Food

Rafe, a popular cafe among Astana residents, serves European food in six locations. It also delivers a variety of hot dishes, pizza, salads, pasta, desserts and coffee to any part of the city.

Generous portions of well-prepared food make Rafe popular. The website offers a comprehensive menu with dish photos and short descriptions.

Type of food: Italian

Average check: 2,000-5,000 tenge (US$6.3-15.6)

Delivery hours: from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Terms of delivery: free given the minimum order of 4,000 tenge (US$12.5), average delivery time is one hour.

Contact numbers: For the left bank of the Yessil River

2 Dostyk Street. 8 (7172) 552013, 8(702) 5225950

14 Kunayev Street: 8(7172) 222323, 8 (701) 7811041

12/2 Kunayev Street: 8(7172) 689768

For the right bank

5 Zhenis Avenue: 8 (7172) 29-34-30, 8 (705) 292 7470

16 Bukeikhan Street: 8 (7172) 29-15-00, 8 (701) 781 1042




Japanese restaurant Yakitoriya uses unique recipes while preserving the customs of traditional cuisine. The restaurant is famous for its sushi, which can be also ordered online or over the phone.

Type of food: Japanese

Address: 21 Turan Avenue

Average check: 5,000 tenge (US$15.6)

Delivery hours: from noon until midnight and until 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturdays.

Terms of delivery: free given the minimum order of 4,900 tenge (US$15.3), average time is 90 minutes.

Contact numbers: 8 (7172) 613 111, 8 (778) 0213111


More restaurants and café with delivery can be found at or

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