Kazakh TV presents unique show about ethnic musical compositions

ASTANA – Kazakh TV starts a unique project “Legends in Music” about ancient art of kui (traditional musical composition) and kuishis, the best musicians of the nation’s folk music. Kazakh songs and music have always reflected the ancient history of the people, its feelings, hopes and dreams, grief and joy. This vast sea of ​​expressive melodies amazes with the beauty, diversity of subjects and genres.

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Aikumis Seksenbayeva, the General Producer of Kazakh TV highlighted the uniqueness of Kazakh traditional kuis, saying, “Music is an important part of Kazakh culture. Kui is a song without words and this fact especially makes the perception of the music deeper. So the composition can have a great story behind and you have to use your feelings or imagination to understand the narrative.”

She said that 12 series can show only a tiny part of this cultural phenomenon, as there are hundreds of kuis and all of them belong to different periods of time.

The TV show crew made a great research work. The best musicians of the country participated in the creation of every episode. Talented artists worked on unique illustrations. So every episode is finished by an original kui to provide an opportunity to enjoy the composition.

The main task of the show is to acquaint TV viewers with the national music in all its diversity, volume and significance as well as enrich knowledge about the unique creativity of kuishi artists.

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In ancient times, music was heard everywhere: in the boundless Kazakh steppe, at noisy fairs and bazaars, in poor and rich yurts (Kazakh mobile houses). Ringing, triumphant music opened celebrations and met the birth of a child, while sorrowful, mournful sounds followed a person to his or her grave.

Before playing kui on the dombra, kuishis talked about its content, ending the narrative with the traditional phrase: “Now, listen to how dombra tells this.”

Fine legends connected with music have survived, retaining remarkable images of antiquity and the names of the authors who created them. Over time, the kuis lost their words and now only music tells about those amazing events of the past.

Traditional music is the richest treasure of cultural heritage, serving as a monument to the epochs and centuries of the Kazakh people’s history. Kuis reveal the subtle feelings of the human soul and nature, reflecting, as well as possible, the complex spiritual world of Kazakhs.

The project will bring together the sound of the most popular kuis and composers, including  Zhappas Kalambayev, Kurmangazy, Dina Nurpeissova, Tattimbet and Kali Zhantleuova.

A kui is not only a melody with a complex rhythm and peculiar musical sound, but also a play – deep in content and form told by the language of music. It reveals the state of the person’s soul and his or her experiences and reflections on the meaning of life. The tradition of the art included an oral narrative. Kuishi described the content of a kui and the occasion for which it was written. Therefore, before playing the performer offered an explanation about the history and theme. Time, however, has separated oral creativity from instrumental performance and only a few performers accompany their play with a preliminary story.

The TV channel aims to promote national culture and show its unique character for viewers around the globe. All episodes of “Legends in Music” are available to watch on www.kazakh-tv.kz.

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