EXPO 2017’s ‘Smart City’ technology will be first of its kind in capital

ASTANA – Cutting-edge technology will be used to decrease energy usage throughout the EXPO 2017 facilities, said Vladimir Sobolev, the Astana EXPO 2017 national company’s managing director and director of New Technologies and IT, the press service of the company reported.


“Smart Grid system will be one of the projects used on the exhibition area. This system combines 42 substations into a single network with a unified control centre which will allow making the time of eliminating accidents shorter, automatically redistributing load and reducing losses on an electric grid for up to 30 percent during transportation of electric power,” Sobolev said, according to expo2017astana.com.

The Smart Lighting project will cover 1,200 lamp posts with LED lamps. Energy will also be saved by decreasing the intensity of lights at night by 10 to 20 percent, but increasing them to full power when necessary.

Sobolev also mentioned that “Smart Building” technologies are being introduced at expo pavilions and offices. Ventilation system will be automatically adjusting air delivery depending on the number of visitors who are in a room simultaneously.

“A lot of guests plan to visit the exhibition, therefore, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting are very urgent issues. For their resolution, we are introducing a centralised control of all engineering systems of buildings and pavilions. Energy efficient modes of engineering systems control allow the optimisation of consumption for conditioning, ventilation and heating,” Sobolev added, the website of the exhibition reports.


Arranging mobile communication in the exhibition’s office building is an example of effective cooperation with service providers. For the first time in Kazakhstan, cellular communication operators, with assistance from Kazakhstan’s Communications and Information Committee established a joint use of equipment. This allowed decreasing the amount of equipment and network deployment as well as lower costs on energy consumption and exploitation.

Exhibition organisers are confident the exhibition’s facilities will become the most striking instance of using renewable energy sources, energy-saving technology and will prompt their development in Kazakhstan.

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