KEGOC Builds High-Voltage Transmission Line in Eastern Kazakhstan

ASTANA – A new high-voltage Ekibastuz-Shulbinskaya-Ust-Kamenogorsk power line will cover the electricity needs of eastern Kazakhstan.

The power supply facilities of contour in the evening, it is very beautiful

The power supply facilities of contour in the evening, it is very beautiful

Implementation of a large-scale project titled “Construction of 500 KW North-East-South Transmission Grid” began in 2014. It was launched by President Nursultan Nazarbayev during the Dec. 6 annual teleconference on the Industrialisation Day. The project seeks to create a modern infrastructure of power lines to provide uninterrupted power to a number of the country’s regions. Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company (KEGOC) is in charge of the implementation.

The implementation is divided into two phases: construction of the 500 kW Ekibastuz-Shulbinskaya-Ust-Kamenogorsk transmission line and construction of 500 kW Shulbinskaya-Aktogai-Taldykorgan-Alma line.

Initially, completion of the first phase was scheduled for 2017. However, construction was completed early .

The new line is designed to transmit electricity to eastern Kazakhstan powered from the north.

The head of the electricity department of the Kazakh Energy Ministry Bauyrzhan Sarsenov said the new line would allow residents of the East Kazakhstan Region to receive electricity without depending on the power grids that pass through the transmission network of Russia.

“Due to the rapid development of the Kazakh economy, the previous capacities of the power lines proved insufficient at peak times. The main objective of the first phase was to ensure coverage of the forecast electricity shortage in eastern Kazakhstan through the network of electricity lines that are independent from Russia’s power transmission infrastructure. We have fully covered the electricity needs of this part of the country and gained control of the capacities and operation of the power transmission system,” he said.

Construction of 500-220 kW Shulbinskaya-Aktogai-Taldykorgan-Alma lines is planned for the second phase of the project’s implementation to ensure the country’s energy security. In addition, the Aktogai power station with a 500 kW substation will also be put into operation as part of the project. This will ensure uninterrupted electricity transmission to cover the needs of nearby mines. Electrification will be provided along the railways on the Aktogai-Almaty, Aktogai-Dostyk, Aktogai-Moiynty routes.

The cost of the project is $470.9 million. Construction cost at the first stage totaled $158.9 million. KEGOC is financing the implementation of the project, but has not yet considered increased electricity tariffs.



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