Certain Cars Within Customs Union Must Include Emergency Services Device Beginning in 2017

A new Customs Union law will require certain cars in Customs Union countries to be equipped by Jan. 1, 2017 with a device to assist emergency responders.starting-from-2017-all-new-cars-produced-in-eaeu-will-be-equipped-with-era

The ERA-GLONASS device is able to call emergency services and provide location, direction and speed information after the emergency button is pressed. It also sends an emergency signal automatically in case of an accident.

The new regulation of the Customs Union No. 018/2011 applies to all cars that have been imported to the territory of the Customs Union by individuals for their own use, as well as existing cars in countries that are not members of the Customs Union, provided that they’re older than three years.

The regulation also applies to “all types (models) of vehicles of category M and N, with the exception of types (models), with the approval of their type of vehicle, issued before Jan. 1, 2017,” and “all vehicles of the category M and of N, as it was explained in the Union of Automotive Industry of Kazakhstan “KazAvtoProm.”

Cars produced by legal entities and that have the approval of their type of vehicle, issued before Jan. 1, 2017, are exempted.

In June, the Aerospace Committee of the Ministry for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan (now part of the Ministry of Defence and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan) reported that it is planned to put into operation an analogue of the ERA-GLONASS system in Kazakhstan by the end of 2017.

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