Rural Development Programme Helps Almaty Farmers Employ Innovative Technologies

Almaty region farmers recently demonstrated the success of their harvest of agriculture grown with innovative technologies, reported on June 22.Country’s Rural Development Programme Helps Almaty Farmers to Use Innova...

“Today, we are holding a seminar titled ‘Technology of Cultivation of Pepper and Tomato in our Agribusiness Centre,’ Executive Director of the Fund of Yenbekshikazakh Local Community Bakytgul Yelchibayeva said as cited by “We will also host an exhibition of plant protection products, fertilisers and seeds of domestic and foreign production, as well as a demonstration of the application of innovative technologies for growing vegetables.”

In order to develop the agricultural sector in the Almaty region, improve the living standards of the local population and the quality and competitiveness of domestic agricultural producers, the region’s authorities launched the Rural Development Programme in 2010.

The Agrobusiness centre is one of five experimental areas included in the programme. Four more experimental fields were selected to be part of the project by a public bid. The farmers agreed to grow part of their crops using innovative technologies and another part using traditional cultivation methods. As a result, farmers will be able to see the difference in quality and profitability in the two methods of cultivation.

“I am glad to have been a part of this project,” said farmer Ashir Mussayev, according to “The technologies are advancing. We farmers do understand this. We don’t always have the opportunity to get out of the daily routine, [our job] is hard work.”

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