Uralsk Students Create Alternative Energy Projects for EXPO 2017

Eight innovative projects created by school students in Uralsk were presented at the EXPO 2017 – Great Victory of State exhibition held in this city on Feb. 8.


One of the largest international expos of the decade, EXPO 2017 will be held in Astanaand never in its 84-year history has the host city been chosen by such a large majority of votes.

“The presented projects use wind and solar energy, as well as the energy of agricultural waste,” said Victoria Nazhmedenova, a guide at the West Kazakhstan historical-regional museum, as quoted by BNews.kz.

Kamila Urazayeva, a student at Ak Niet grammar school No.42 said, “Today it is a hot topic to use solar energy. My robot machine operates as a lift crane and lorry. It will be useful in construction and agriculture. In time it can substitute the part of human labour.”

Students at Nazarbayev Intellectual School presented models of two projects which can be used in practice. One uses biogas; the second is a unique sailing wind turbine. The turbine has special sails which use maximum wind speed, can turn horizontally in running rivers and don’t throw a roadblock for wind.

“All the projects were tested and we have good results. They correspond to the exhibition requirements. The sailing wind turbine project took part in festivals and was pointed out by EXPO 2017 management. Our projects are supported by local innovators; for example, the director of Gidropribor JSC, who provides workshops for equipment inventing and testing,” said physics teacher Yelena Chernoyarova.

The biogas project, developed by ninth grader Assylbek Bugebai, operates using manure. He constructed a 40-litre machine, which requires a certain quantity of manure and water, and special technology enables gas production. Bugebai demonstrated how the gas is burned and calculated the energy which can be produced as the result of burning gas. Absolutely free fuel can be produced using both projects. The sailing wind turbine uses wind, while the biogas project needs dairy sludge. As a result, demandable energy can be produced.


EXPO 2017 is expected to bring hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and international exposure to the Kazakh economy and culture. It is expected to draw three to five million visitors, which would make it the largest international gathering of its kind ever in Central Asia. The expo will be held during Astana’s 20th anniversary as the nation’s capital, celebrating the emergence of independent Kazakhstan and the wider region as the energy and communications hub of Europe, Asia and the Middle East since the fall of the Soviet Union.


EXPO 2017’s Future Energy theme will promote efforts to find sustainable energy solutions to meet growing global demand. The key concepts of the exhibition are promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency and responsible consumption, electrification of transport, universal access to clean energy, energy security and reduction in fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


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