Kazakhstan’s Confectionery Sensation Opens Its First Branch in US

ASTANA – Initially a single home-based bakery, Kazakhstan’s confectionery sensation Happy Cake has expanded to a network of over a hundred stores and has now opened its first branch in Texas, near the Hampton Inn Sugarland, the United States, according to the publication of Happy Cake’s founder Askhat Soltanov on June 10.

Photo credit: Askhat Soltanov/Instagram

The Soltanov family began baking cakes in their home kitchen and selling them on Instagram in 2013. Over the years, this modest family endeavor has transformed into a thriving business.

“The foundation of our assortment is cakes,” said Askhat. “Initially, we were a small family bakery, where each cake was crafted with love. Despite our growth, our philosophy remains unchanged. Every cake is still baked by hand with the same passion.”

Famous Kazakh blogger and Soltanov’s partner, Alisher Yelikbayev, shared that his acquaintance with Askhat started ten years ago with a treat of Milky Girl, Happy Cake’s years-long hit. Yelikbayev added that Askhat sold Happy Cake franchises throughout Kazakhstan and neighboring countries with a conscientious and thorough selection process.

Franchise buyers had to be family people, without another business when starting, and natives of where the franchise was purchased. This strategy fostered the development of numerous young, daring entrepreneurs who are now driving growth in their cities. More than 100 Happy Cake stores are operating in and around Kazakhstan.

In addition to cakes, Happy Cake’s product lineup includes pastries, cupcakes, and a curated selection of teas and coffees. The successful establishment of Happy Cake in the American market not only signifies the growth and maturation of Kazakhstan’s economy but also underscores the international appeal of Kazakh brands.

Moreover, Happy Cake serves as a cultural ambassador, showcasing Kazakh entrepreneurship and culinary heritage globally and highlighting the nation’s capacity to innovate and excel in competitive markets.

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