Kazakh Parliament Repeals Law on First President Status and Immunity

ASTANA – The Parliament of Kazakhstan on Jan. 13 repealed the law on the First President of Kazakhstan that provided the former president with several powers and life-long immunity for himself and his family members, reported the Mazhilis press service. 

Photo credit: ortcom.kz

Despite that, Kazakhstan’s former president retains all immunity guarantees. Personal inviolability, honor and dignity, and the status of the First President are inviolable. However, the immunity no longer applies to members of Nazarbayev’s family, said Minister of Justice Azamat Eskaraev.

During the joint session of the Senate and Mazhilis, the chambers considered repealing paragraph 4 of article 64 following last year’s referendum, where citizens voted to remove the paragraph from the constitution.

“Attempts to concentrate all power in one person’s hands, monopolization of political institutions of Kazakhstan, as practice shows, can diminish political values and negatively affect the development of the state. Therefore, it is imperative to eliminate such socio-political gaps in the future,” said Mazhilis member Yerlan Sairov when presenting the draft law.

Mazhilis member Yerlan Sairov presenting the draft law. Photo credit: Mazhilis press service.

He and his team also appealed to the Constitutional Court, which stated that this law does not comply with the renewed constitution.

“In a period of deep political transformation, Kazakhstan adheres to the principles of democracy and pluralism. It is important to exclude any mechanisms that contribute to the usurpation of power by individual groups,” Sairov added.

After the first and second readings, 43 Senate and 92 Mazhilis members voted for, and two refrained from voting.

To enter into force the law has to be signed by the President.

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