Italian engineering companies eye benefit of EXPO 2017 meetings

ASTANA – Italy and Kazakhstan have been loyal trade partners for more than 25 years and the business council established in 2007 provided insight into the economies and needs of each nation. A fruitful relationship has slowly developed and a regular exchange of cultural events and days, concerts, cinema and exhibitions has only strengthened the stable bond between the countries.


EXPO 2017 has been one of those staples that has propelled Italy’s top 20 engineering companies to journey to the capital to determine how they can demonstrate their worth. Representatives are in the city to talk business and bilateral meetings have been and will be conducted with potential partners on prospective contracts.

The roundtables could result in Italians leaving the city with a large number of new projects on the horizon.

Spea Engineering, which has worked for more than half a century building state-of-the-art transport networks around the world, intends to expand cooperation with Kazakhstan. Participating in the expo has presented the promise of establishing a mutually-beneficial partnership.

“Kazakhstan with its geographical position can be a crossroads of communication between the East and West. It is a large international hub for the construction of infrastructure facilities in the region that is now developing. And we certainly want to leave with an understanding of the direction in which both parties can cooperate and invest and where we can be the most effective in regards to mutual business dealings. Construction of railways and motorways in Italy is a sector that we have been involved in for a long time with a long proven history of success,” said Association of Engineering Companies President Gabrielle Shikolone.

VDP is also working in the transport sector, but the company has set its eyes in another direction. Its purpose is to study the impact of networks on the environment and minimise their harmful effects. The main factors are air pollution and protecting natural habitats.

Shikolone has no doubt about the productivity and outcome of the upcoming meeting, scheduled for July 13 in the Italian pavilion.

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