Aqmola Invest Opens in Kazakh Capital to Streamline Investor Support

ASTANA – Aqmola Invest, the regional investment attraction center for the Akmola Region, launched in Astana on July 9. Operating under a single window principle, the center simplifies government services and provides comprehensive support to investors at all stages of their activities, from planning to execution, reported the press service of the Akmola Region’s akimat (city administration).

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New opportunities open up

According to the region’s governor Marat Akhmetzhanov, this event marks a significant step in enhancing the region’s investment appeal and fostering a favorable climate for investors. Last year, the region attracted 218 billion tenge ($457 million) in investments. This year, it aims to attract a similar amount, focusing on higher-quality investments that will generate jobs, increase budget revenues, and provide other benefits.

“Priority will also be given to implementing joint projects with the Astana city administration under the law on agglomeration. We will take on projects that cannot be placed in the city center since we have labor resources and available land. These products will be in demand among the capital’s residents,” said Akhmetzhanov.

Several cooperation agreements and investment project agreements were signed with Hungarian and Chinese companies totaling 76 billion tenge ($159.3 million). Hungarian company Globalia plans to establish an agricultural technology park based on carbon farming in the Arshaly district. 

Hungarian Ambassador Otto Ivan Rona noted that this park will produce high-quality seeds using Hungarian technology, marking the first such project in Kazakhstan with potential for expansion.

Chinese company Beijing Ruiheyuan Construction Engineering will invest $100 million in constructing advanced waste processing plants in the Akmola Region.

Boosting region’s development

In an interview with The Astana Times, Bakhytzhan Sapar, regional director of Kazakh Invest national company for the Akmola Region, mentioned that the Aqmola Invest center is collecting data on district needs and investment sites available for investors.

Bakhytzhan Sapar, regional director of Kazak Invest for the Akmola Region, mentioned that the center is currently collecting data on district needs and investment sites available for investors. Photo credit:

“Simultaneously, an investment project portfolio is being developed to boost the region’s economic development. These projects may involve establishing new enterprises or expanding existing production and services. The main goal of all this work is to stimulate regional economic growth, create new jobs, increase incomes, and improve living standards through investment attraction,” he said. 

Discussing the region’s investment appeal, Sapar emphasized that the Akmola Region combines agricultural and industrial potential with significant tourism prospects, making it attractive for investments.

The region is known for its fertile lands and favorable climate, which support the cultivation of various crops, including grains, vegetables, fruits, and livestock farming.

“As an important tourist destination, the region draws investments in infrastructure and services, including hotels, restaurants, excursion routes, and ecotourism. Its industrial potential encompasses the production of building materials, the food industry, and mechanical engineering, offering significant investment opportunities,” he said.

The Aqmola industrial zone, located 20 kilometers from Astana, was established in the Arshaly district to promote economic growth, establish efficient, export-oriented industries, develop new products, and implement modern management methods.

“Despite its proximity to Astana, the area offers ideal conditions for development, particularly due to strategic transport connections and existing engineering networks,” said Sapar. 

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