Astana’s Autumn Delights: Tennis, Ballet and Cultural Tours

ASTANA — As autumn paints Astana with golden hues, October brings a burst of cultural vibrancy to the city. From diverse exhibitions to community gatherings, each day promises a unique chapter in Astana’s evolving cultural narrative. As we bid farewell to September, the city transforms into a canvas for traditions and modernity, inviting everyone to celebrate the richness of the season in this dynamic capital.

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Astana Open ATP 250 on Sept. 30 – Oct.1

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Kicking off the weekend is the highly anticipated Astana Open ATP 250, a tennis tournament that brings together some of the world’s finest players. Tennis enthusiasts and sports fans alike are in for a treat as the city plays host to intense matches and displays of skill on the court. The event promises an electrifying atmosphere, making it a must-attend for those who appreciate the competitive spirit of professional tennis.

Venue: Beeline Arena; 4/2, Turan Ave. Tickets are available here. 

“La Sylphide” ballet premiere on Sept. 30 Oct. 1  

For lovers of the performing arts, the Astana Opera presents “La Sylphide,” a ballet that seamlessly weaves together storytelling and exquisite dance. This classic ballet, known for its graceful choreography and enchanting narrative, is set to captivate audiences. The combination of talented dancers, elaborate costumes, and a world-class venue ensures a fascinating evening that celebrates the beauty of ballet.

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“La Sylphide” is the oldest choreographic performance, the progenitor of romantic ballet. Its plot is based on the fantastical tale Trilby or the Argalian House by Charles Nodier, significantly reworked by the scenarist Adolphe Nourrit. The music was composed by Jean Schneitzhoeffer. “La Sylphide” shaped the ballet into the art form we recognize today.

Venue: Astana Opera; 1, Konayev Street. Tickets are available here. 

Horse riding tour on Sept. 30 

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of equestrian beauty with the Horse Riding Tour in Astana. This unique event offers a captivating hour-long program, where the grace and strength of horses take center stage. 

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A $23.18 ticket includes round-trip transportation, a one-hour horse ride, a forest hike, a hot meal, tea from a samovar, an entertainment program and national games. 

For more information and tickets, contact +7 776 270 17 17 via WhatsApp.

The Heritage of the Great Steppe” ballet on Sept. 30

“The Heritage of the Great Steppe” concert program has become a visit card of the theater at home and abroad. The beauty and tenderness of female dance in the performances of Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Aigul Tati captivate and delight. The unique plastic design, conciseness and at the same time the melodiousness of the poses of the performers in Tati’s performances possess attractive force and are the pearls of the Kazakh folk dance.

This production promises to be a cultural journey, showcasing the traditions and stories that have shaped the identity of Kazakhstan. Through a combination of music, dance and visual storytelling, the Astana Ballet aims to transport the audience to a world of historical significance and artistic brilliance.

Venue:  Astana Ballet; 9, Uly Dala Ave. Tickets are available on

The City of All Faiths excursion on Oct. 1 

The City of All Faiths is a bus tour of religious buildings in Astana, during which you will be shown all the beauty and greatness of the holy places in the capital.

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You will visit the Hazrat Sultan Mosque, the Assumption Cathedral, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church. During the tour, you will learn about religions, their history, symbols and rites and enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the architecture.

A $14.55 ticket includes a guide, transportation, and an excursion program. The tour will start at the Astana Circus. 

For more information and tickets, contact +7 705 190 03 45 via WhatsApp.

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