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Importance of Learning During and After COVID-19

…of a Kazakh educator and scholar, Ybyrai Altynsarin: “Kel, balalar, oqylyq! Come, children, let’s study!” Traditionally, a bell is rung by a first grader and an upperclassman, and the sound…

Priorities For Improving Carbon Regulation in Kazakhstan

…Vermont, Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island. Since 2012, the California emissions trading and quota scheme has been launched, covering all…

Major Events and Headlines in Kazakhstan That Shaped 2020

…of complexity and operability of the economy, human capital development, investments in a new form of education, a green economy and environmental protection and well-reasoned decisions by the state with

Kazakh Students Talk about Pandemic and How it Influenced Their Study and Life in Korea

…deal to stop the spread of the virus and help those who affected”. Korea also attracts young people worldwide with its mesmerizing culture, prominent technologies, authenticity and, probably, with the…

FM Idrissov: The World Supports a Vision of a Nuclear-Weapons-Free Planet

…At the same time, non-nuclear countries completely disagree with such approaches and demand concrete time frames to save humankind from nuclear weapons. The declaration reflects a balanced and realistic approach….

A New Step Forward to Greater Regional and Global Security

and their components, and other nuclear explosive devices on their territories. They also committed themselves to a total ban on nuclear tests and the burying of radioactive waste on the…

“Nuclear” August calls for renewed commitment to nuclear security and disarmament

…it needs the endorsement of eight specific so called Annex II states with nuclear capabilities. In particular, the treaty was signed, but not yet ratified, by China, Egypt, Iran, Israel…

Growing Global Nuclear Power Industry Requires Tighter Regulations

…to fluctuating natural gas prices. In addition, several countries in Africa, including Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Tunisia and Uganda, have expressed interest in generating electricity and

Working to ensure nuclear security and promote global nuclear nonproliferation

…of nuclear materials, in 2002, Kazakhstan became the 40th member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). Within the NSG, Kazakhstan is committed to serious measures against terrorism, to counteracting nuclear

Will COVID-19 Crisis Give Boost to Green Economy in Kazakhstan, Russia?

…fuels. For Russia and Kazakhstan, this may mean a reduction in exports, a drop in the production of fuel and related industries and, as a result, a GDP decrease. To…